Simple ways how to reduce plastic waste

Simple ways how to reduce plastic waste

Bring your own thermos to the cafeteria

If you carry your own thermos to drink coffee in any circumstance, ie, the office, the cafeteria or the restaurant, you will be reducing the use of harmful plastic because the disposable coffee cups are coated with polythene, even if they look like paper. In theory, these cups can be recyclable, but in few parts they have the necessary infrastructure for that purpose. The same thing happens with the caps and the stirrers, which, it is fair to say, are manufactured with polystyrene foam.

Bring your own bag for shopping

The utility and convenience of the thin, tear-off bags are extremely limited. However, it is estimated that around five billion to one billion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. The environmental cost of these bags is high, so they have been banned or, well, restricted in many cities around the world.

Do not buy beauty products containing small pieces of plastic

Most of these products are made with micro-plastics, that is, with small pieces that are practically impossible to filter, as in the case of exfoliating products and toothpaste, just to mention two examples. These small beads are not stopped by wastewater treatment facilities.

Other effective ways to reduce plastic waste

Think back to the storage of your food

Plastics used to store food should be re-evaluated. Instead of buying a “Baggie” sandwich, you should buy a sandwich that is packed in a bento box or, well, in one beautiful “Tiffin”. To these same materials, you should come to take lunch to work, a field day or the basketball stadium. When it comes to the refrigerator, you should use jars or other glass containers.

Change disposable diapers to cloth diapers

If you have a baby, there are lots of diapers that will carry the garbage every month. An excellent alternative, you can find it in reusable cloth diapers

Do not buy bottled water again

Instead of buying plastic water bottles, you should keep a rechargeable bottle on hand, so be it plastic.

Do not receive the straws offered in restaurants, coffee shops and fast food stores

When you use these straws, whether in a bar, in a restaurant or in your own house, you are using them once. This is not appropriate or necessary, so you should think about other options, such as the case of paper straws.



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