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Human Rights: Not Up for a Debate

You know, the funny thing about clichés is that they are often so true. For example, ‘you never know what you had until it’s lost’ or the other which roughly translates to ‘a full stomach will never feel for the hungry one’. However, this is not and should never be the case when it comes to human rights. Who knows why we are always at war? Power? Resources? We may not have a chance to stop it but that should not mean we should not do anything at all.

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I was encouraged to write this piece because of all the talk about refugees on both sides of the Atlantic. Encouraged but still confused, because of the recent terrorist attack on the London subway. And an attack in Germany a month before. And in France. There is so much noise. Everywhere. Should you, for a couple of bad apples, cut down the whole orchard? Is it worth the price? I am not claiming to know the answer. There is a problem. While we debate essentially ‘to be or not to be’, horrible things are happening to people that don’t deserve any of it. And I am sorry to simplify it this way, but, my point is, while two sides are fighting, a lot of innocent people are caught in the cross-fire. Innocent children. Refugee or not, these are kids that are losing their lives, because they were born in a bad place. I am not suggesting that there is a magical way of excluding children from war. There is not. But this is a cause we should we working on extra hard.

How can you help

The first and most important human right  is the right to life. It is something that we should strive to protect with all that we have got as if every war child was our own.

I want to encourage you to visit War Child or find a charity of your own. Look for ways you can help. By helping financially, donating clothes, whatever you can do.



Someone has counted that out of the past 3.400 years of human existence, only 268 of we have been at peace. 268. That means simply that if you can read these lines, you are damn lucky. As am I, too.

I go to bed without being scared that bombs will start reigning from the sky while I’m asleep. I let my kids to school without much concern that they may not come back. Damn, occasionally I like to find a new way to get free spins at online casinos. We all live very privileged lives. I cannot even fathom what it is like to be scared for your life every day, what is it not to have anything to eat or where to sleep. Now, enough discussions. Please, stop reading and donate. Now!

1 year ago