Do animals really need help to survive

Do animals really need help to survive?

On this question, it is necessary to say that it is not possible to formulate a single and forceful answer. Rather, we must say that “everything depends on the species in question”. For example, as far as dogs are concerned, we should note that they appear to have developed (or come from) gray wolves or, that at least both, share a common ancestor.

However, at some point in evolution, a part of that species was adapted to live in the company of humans and, therefore, they were domesticated. In this way, humans raised dogs according to specific needs, to turn the ferocious and predatory gray wolves into tender, unconditional and helpful friends. From this phenomenon, another was generated, as it was the case that its morphological characteristics were modified. Even some races that are popular today were morphologically deformed by the action of the human being.

These breeds, particularly as the Pugs, Pincher Miniature, Yorkshire Mini, Bulldogs, and others, would not survive a week without being in the care of their owners or other humans. Instead, other races like the Basenji, also called “Indian Paria”, can survive without any help. Other dogs called “Criollos” (Creoles), that is to say, they are those who usually live in the streets of the cities of the developing countries, also survive without the help of anybody.

What happens to cats and other animal species?

In what has to do with these mysterious and independent felines, it is necessary to take into account that they have not lost their wild instinct. What’s more, many cats that are adorable pets, usually hunt regularly in the gardens and other green areas of their owners’ houses. No matter how fine the races are, they will always hunt rats, insects, and other victims of their abilities and clutches.

As far as cows and other cattle are concerned this time, we must say that their relationship with humans is as old as the one we have with dogs. Therefore, we have raised them according to our needs related to food, but not as pets. For all this, the possibilities that the cows have to survive without the care of their owners are quite scarce.

This, with the exception, of course, of the cows of India and some neighboring countries, that usually worship them from a religious perspective. The cows that usually roam the streets of the cities of these countries survive from the waste that people leave. But if they went to the forests or the jungles, they would be easy prey to predators.

1 year ago